Ohio Forgotten 

Frazee House

House Front

The house was built between 1825 and 1827 by Stephen and Mehitable Frazee. The build their lonely house on a hill that overlooks the old canal. There are two bricks on the house still bare their hand-engraved initials.

House Corner

It has was rumored to have been a tavern, but no evidence has been found to support it. It also may have served as a makeshift jail while the canal was under construction.


John Hynton purchased the house in 1863 for himself and his new wife, Elizabeth. Two years later Hynton passed away and he is buried at Tinkers Creek Cemetery. The last owners of the home were the Foote family, it was then purchased by the National Park Services in the 1970s. The house was never updated with indoor plumbing and electricity.

Bowing Wall

As you can see the wall is bowing out.  The house had a bar going through it, I guess it is holding the house together.

Right Corner

Several paranormal legends are attached to this house. Stephen Frazee is believed to haunt the building and also one of the Frazee's children who possibly passed away at a young age. There is also a story of a lynching on the property, when a canal digger was hung for his crimes.

House Layout