Ohio Forgotten 

Ohio Exploration

Champion ElectricChampion Electric

In 1920, Willis Hale built the Champion Electric Company near the ruins of the old gristmill at the to of Brandywine Falls.

Chippewa Lake Amusement ParkChippewa Lake Amusement Park

On the shore of Chippewa Lake, hidden among the weeds and bushes, are the remnants of one of Ohio's earliest amusement park. You can still see the Tumble Bug, the seat less Ferris Wheel, and a few remain buildings still standing after 30 years.

Cleveland Coast Guard StationCleveland Coast Guard Station

An old Coast Guard station is slowly decaying along the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland.



Crazy Man HollowCrazy Man Hollow

The hillside on the canal side of the bridge was once used to store ammunition. The locals said that "you would have to be crazy to live there". This is how it quickly became known as Crazy Man's Hollow.

Deep Lock QuarryDeep Lock Quarry

This quarry was a major source of Berea Sandstone in the northeast since the 1830s.

Fitzwater BridgeFitzwater Bridge

This gated off bridge is being prepared for demolition so a new bridge can be built.

Standford RoadStandford Road

Take a walk down the famous "Highway to Hell" from the Helltown stories.

Jaite Rail Spur and BridgeJaite Rail Spur and Bridge

The paper mill was a short distance from a railway line running between Cleveland and Akron. In 1907, the Jaite Company obtained right-of-way from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to construct a sideline to the mill.  It still remains today.